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Accessories include all products that aren’t considered clothing (Drinkware, Caps, Hats, etc…) At Battle Buddy Designs, we only use brands and products that are Made in the USA. Most of our Accessories are printed using Dye Sublimation. Below are the brands we use for our product accessories. To learn more about dye sublimation click here.

Accessories Brands include:


All of our drinkware products are ordered from ORCA Coatings® who produces high quality ORCA coated products ready for dye sublimation.

Founded in 1992, as Photo USA, it is the leading manufacturer of dye-sublimation ceramics and a full range of dye-sublimation image products.  Photo USA offers ORCA coatings on all of our products. ORCA Coatings® is one of the most comprehensive merchants of heat transfer drinkware in the world.


Our headgear (caps and hats) comes from Port & Company. Launched in 1998, Port & Company provides customers with well-styled accessories made to last. Port & Company is also part of Sport-Tek which we use for some of our high-performance athletic wear.

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